Van Morrison's Gold
Below you will find some pictures of the work that we've done for "Van Morrison".

Van is a great lover of the gold work, and as well as all pictured below you'll also see when you see Van on stage that he also has his microphone stand, and saxophone stand done in gold that were also done by us as well as doing his many gold plated harmonicas.

On Van's Uke, we only applied 24kt gold to the string buttons on the neck.

Van uses the Hohner Marine Band 1896, and the Hohner Bluesharps which are all in gold.

All the above work was done in conjuntion with Mr. Microphone (Dennis Oelig) of Kansas City, Missouri.
If you've never seen Dennis's work then you need to click on the following link. You'll be amazed at how he can make a mic look, and has a reputation throughout the music world as Da Best mic bloke in the biz.
This is the bloke to talk to get your mics properly sorted!!

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The pictures listed here are NOT to be used by any other party without prior permission from RW Designs, Missouri, USA.