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Let’s Jam!

For Bass (14 Jams) x 4
More Blues & Rock (16 Jams) x 1 
Country & Bluegrass (23 Jams) x 2
Jazz & Blues (21 Jams) x 3 
Unplugged (17 Jams) x 8 
Hard Rock (15 Jams) x 14 
Blues & Rock #3 (13 Jams) x 7
Blues & Rock (16 Jams) x 17

Watch & Learn

Acoustic Guitar Primer x 13 
Banjo Primer x 16 
Mandolin Primer x 13

Shelf 2

The Bridges of Edinburgh x 3  SOLD!!
On This Bright Sunnyday by The Krause Family x 3
Labor of Love by Marce May x 3
Built For Comfort (Not for Speed) by Sins of The Pioneers x 1
Texas Gothic by Robert Coleman Trussell x 5
Dream of Blue by Lisa Moritz x 3
Pieces of Life by 8 Miles Down The Road x 3
I See You by Hank Roberts x 5  
I’m Forcing Goodness Upon You by Shari Elf x 2
A Long Time Coming by Kevin Hammer x 2
Potato Moon by Weber Brown x 4
Living Stone by David Williams x 4
Barrett Smith x 5
On The Half Shell by Bob Halloran x 3
Souldier by Amy Saja x 3  
Michi by Curved Space x 6
Never Too Late by Kathy Marsh x 4
Mickey Mulligan & The Travelers at The Morrigans x 7

Celebrating 27 Years of Duet Singing by Mark & Mary x 2
Front Porch Gospel by Sons of The Carpenter x 5 

CD’s Box 1

Sure As You’re Born by Adam Tanner x1 SOLD!!!
Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys x 1
Trent Wagler & The Steel Wheels x 1
Old & In The Way by Breakdown (Case Damaged) x 1
Wanda Jackson x 1
Dance of The Sandhill by Montana Mandolin Society x 1
Dancing with The That Brung Me Here by Stacey Earle x 1
Keep On The Sunny Side by The Carter Family x 1
Diamonds In The Asphalt by Truckstop Honeymoon (Sealed) x 1
Put a Flavor in Love by Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys x1
Michael smith Concert (Recorded) x 1
The Fuchsia Band x 1
Sinners & Saints by Danny Santos x 1
The Wiyos  x 1
Being There by Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen x 1
Philip Scherer (Recorded) x 1
Dolceolia Favorites by Andrew M. Cohen x 1
Now by Boulder Acoustic Society  x 1
Ready For You by Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys x 1
Dulcimer Solos by David Schnaufer x 1
Disgrunted Gnome Production Group x 1
Yo-Yo Ma Bobby Mcferrin Hush x 1
American Graffiti Soundtrack x 1  SOLD!!
Porcupine by The Wiyos x 1
Hat Trick by The Wiyos x 1
Hessetville by David Stoddard x 1
The Gram Parsons Anthology x 1

CD’s Box 2

Queen of Pain by Devil Doll x 1

Just a Closer Walk with Thee by Roy Acuff x 1,,3552602,00.html  SOLD!!
Groundhog by Konza Swamp Band x 1
You Were At The Time For Life by Don Chaffer x 1,,929088,00.html
A Pocketful of Soul by Jason Rindenberg x 1  SOLD!!
Cimmarron Valley girl by Monica Taylor x 1
Blue Ribbon Waltz by Hunger Mountain Boys x 1
Possum Carvers by The Ozark Sheiks x 1
**No Frills by Lyle Ritz (Ukulele & Bass) x 1

The Fun of Open Discussion by Bob Carlin & John Hartford x 1
Dulcimer Sessions by David Schnauffer x 1

Home by Mike West (Sealed) x 1
All Over Creation by Jason Ringennberg x 1
**Appalachain by Butch Baldassari & David Schnauffer x 1
Light & Hitch x 1
City Lights & Country Blues by Parrish Ellis x 1
**In All The Universe by Troy Kennedy (Signed) x 1

The Bottom Line Encore Collection by Janis Ian x 1
Old Time Mountain Blues. Rural Classics 1927-1939 x 1
The Green Album by Bob Heckler x 1

Fingerprints by Peter Frampton x 1
The Fountain of Uke #2 by Lil Rev x 1
Postcard from Home by Noah Earle x 1

CD’s Box 3

The Crime Scene by Spies, Thighs, and Private Eyes x 1
**Lovable & Sweet by Annette Hanshaw x 1
Shades of Blue by Bruce Conte x 1
**Frampton Comes Alive- 25th Anniversary Edition by Peter Frampton x 1 (Signed)
**Dixie Land Jazz by Various Artists x 1 (10 CD Set)
Very Best of The Meters x 1
**Jelly Roll Morton by Doctor Jazz x 1 (4 CD Set)
The Golden Years of Glen Miller 1938-1942 x 1 (4 CD Set)
Midnight Blues by Various Artists x 1
Hasten Down The Wind by Linda Ronstadt x 1
Just Between The Two of Us by Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens x 1
When Humans Walked The Earth by Mason Brown x 1
**Briefcase Full of Blues by The Blues Brothers x 1
Have A Good Time for Me by Jonathon Edwards x 1
Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan x 1
Not For Kids Only by David Grisman & Jerry Garcia x 1
Spectator Swing by Swing Deville x 1
Ultraspotane by John Jorgenson Quintet x 1
Favorite Encores by Vladinair Horowitz x 1
Tower of Power x 1
Simply Buroque by Yo-Yo-Ma x 1

CD’s Box 4

A-Town Blues by Wayne Hancock x 1
**Ancient Graden by Talbot McGuire x 1 (Signed)
Banjo & Fiddle by Jeff Elsloo & Matt Wyatt x 1
Tower of Power Live x 1
Into The Fire by Monroe Crossing x 1
Free Country Ramblers by The Midday Ramblers x 1
Glen Bonham x 1
Tulsa by Wayne Hancock x 1
**A Mountain Apart by The Biscuit Burners x 1 (Signed)
Oh! By Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys x 1
Merry Christmas Tonight by Paul Mast with The Kevin Sanders Band x 1
Too Thin To Plow by Brennan Leigh x 1
Plow To The End of The Row by Adrienne Young & Little Sadie x 1
Put Up Your Dukes by Paulie Bluenote & The Dukes x 1
Kelly Joe Phelps x 1
Elvis Presley History  x 1 (3 CD Set)
Ukulele Ike by Cliff Edwards x 1
Uncommon Dobro by Bob Tripp x 1
Adieu False Heart by Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy x 1
The Art of Virtue by Adrienne Young & Little Sadie x 1
Live How You Love by Kasey Rausch & Friends x 1
The Rice Brothers x 1
The Steep Canyon Rangers x 1
In The Life by Open Road x 1
Traditions by The Calloway Sisters x 1
Kansas City Jazz 20’s by Various Artists x 1
Fashioned In The Old Navy by The Hunger Mountain Boys x 1

CD’s Box 5

**Boom Boom by The Pat Travers Band x 1
**The Best of Pat Travers x 1
Hot Lips by Hoosier Hot Shots x 1
Come Into My Parlor by Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys x 1
Rockin’ In The Forest by Farmer Jason x 1
Full Western Dress by The Derailers x 1
Dulcet Sounds by Katie Boyenger & Natalie Friesen x 1
Coming Home - A Winfield Celebration x 1
Cold Wind by Open Road x 1
Race That Train by Mike West x 1 (Sealed)
Young Dino by Dean Martin x 1 (4 CD Set)
Meant To Be by Fragment x 1
IL Sogno by Elvis Costello x 1
IT Memorial by The Alfred Packer String Band x 1
Immigrants & Only Children by David Stoddard x 1
Fertile Ground by The Farm Couple x 1
**Dulcimer Player Deluxe by David Schnaufer x 1 (Signed)
A Treasury of Carols for Classic Guitar by Jim Grimm x 1
Lucky Drive by Open Road x 1
One Track Mind by Ben Lacey x 1
Cherry Ball by Catfish Keith x 1
Rare Old Chestnuts by Bruce Greene & Don Pedi x 1
**Two Cents A Dance by Ruth Etting x 1
Flying Sheep by Bob Jenkins x 1
That’s What Daddy wants by Wayne Hancock x 1
Born Near The Waters by Kasey Rausch x 1
**Reverb Deluxe by The Derailers x 1

CD’s Box 6

Runnin’ with The Cowboys by Headin’ South x 1
Wild, Free & Reckless by Wayne Hancock x 1
**Jelly Roll Morton Greatest Hits x 1
This World Ain’t No Child by Brad Davis x 1 (Signed)
Uncle Dulciimer by David Schnaufer x 1
Great Calamities by The Two Man Gentleman Band x 1
Blues Festival with Muddy Waters, Lonnie Johnson x 1
Junior Brown Greatest Hits x 1
The Essential Connie Smith x 1
Forever Always Ends by Rex Hobart and The Misery Boys x 1
Your Favorite Fool by Rex Hobart and The Misery Boys x 1
Christmas Island by Leon Redbone x 1
The Return of Hellecasters by John Jorgenson x 1
In The Pines by Bobby Hanrick x 1
The Last Rock Show by Back Porch Mary x 1
Here Come by The Derailers x 1
Genuine by The Derailers x 1
**That’s The Way Life Goes by Lefty Frizzell x 1
Tubas from Hell by Dave Gannett Jazz Tuba x 1
A Thousand Roads by David Stoddard x 1
Live Recordings from The Louisiana Hayside by George Jones x 1
Jelly On My Tofu by The Roland White Band x 1
Three by The Hunger Mountain Boys x 1
**Will The Circle Be Unbroken by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band x 1 (Signed)
So Many Starts In The Sky by Boulder Acoustic Society x 1
**Full Steam Ahead & Loaded Up by St. Louis Ragtimers x 1

CD’s Box 7

Loaded by Jeff & Vida x 2 (Sealed)
The Simplest Plans by Jeff & Vida x 2 (1 x Sealed)
Leapfrog by Bob Halloran & Rudy Harley x 2 (Sealed)
No Expectations by Shannon Whitworth x 3 (Sealed)
Destroy All Astromen x 1
From The Heart by Sharon Grueff with Lost Highway x 1 (Sealed)
Mambo Fever by Sambai Bhumbai x 1
Urban Milo by Dale Denker x 1
Jackpot by The Derailers x 1
Hey! Mr. Shadow by Greg Allen x 1
Mamma Mia by Betty Jo Simon x 1
Duchess of Coolsville by Rickie Lee Jones x 1 (4 CD Set
Pantagonia by Chris Hudson x 1
Un Regalo De Arrullos by Pava Ninos x 1 (Sealed)
A Celtic Love Story by Tristan and Iseuttt x 1 (Sealed)
The Ascending Masquerade by Jerry Dowell x 1
Back Home by Steve Kaufman x 2 (Sealed),1593.aspx
Circles by Steve Kaufman x 1 (Sealed)
Bullet Train by Steve Kaufman x 1 (Sealed)
Stylin’ by Steve Kaufman x 1 (Sealed)

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